Valentine’s Day Massacre

The day started with a bang. I woke up confused and sad, having dreamt that an ex-girlfriend and I had been married and on our wedding night, she was angry at me and perplexingly locked me outside. I couldn’t find the dream analysis book but I think there was some pretty obvious meaning.

After a bit of housecleaning, my brother and I stopped by the bank so that we could get some cash and go to the African Film Festival across town. His card, despite showing a sizable balance, wouldn’t allow him to withdraw any cash. My replacement card just arrived and without the same pin so by the time I got through with the always dreadful banking experience, we had no time to get to the film that I wanted to see.

We went to Thai Town and ate lunch. I talked to the waitresses about getting Kavee Thongpreecha, the “Thai Elvis,” to do an in-store at Amoeba. They told me to come back on Monday. Their English was limited and my Thai non-existent so I’m not really sure what’s going on…

In the evening, as part of a sad group of singles, I went to see my friends, The Sharp Ease, play. They sounded really good. There were many cute girls there with their girlfriends. One girl who I met a while ago had even landed a boyfriend, despite her being a shy junkie… altough a cute and talented one. One of the Sharp Ease expressed the wish that I “get some lovin'”. I told her through hot tears of frustration, “I live with my brother!” and stumbled sick, sober and sorry into the Silver Lake night.

Once home, I watched Elimadate, which actually made things better. Some end-result of years of steroid abuse, trying to “make things more comfortable,” removed his trunks in a hot tub after the girls had done such things as put shot glasses of mescal in their cleavage to turn him on. It kind of turned on the track lighting over the desperate and dishonest mating ritual that so many people’s relationships are the result of that my cold sheets actually seem kind of inviting.

Current Mood: lonely

One thought on “Valentine’s Day Massacre

  1. Eric,
    It has been a long time since I’ve had a slice of life served up with all the sauce. Thank you from an ex pat.


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