The Death of Old Time Radio

THE END OF THE GOLDEN AGE On this day (September 30) in 1962 CBS radio broadcast the final episodes of Suspense and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and the Golden Age of Radio came to a close.   RADIO'S BEGINNINGS  Radio Drama (also frequently referred to as Old Time Radio or OTR) really began in the 1920s. … Continue reading The Death of Old Time Radio

California Fool’s Gold – Exploring Morningside Circle

Alright... the winner, thus far, in the Los Angeles neighborhoods blog poll is Morningside Circle. I know you probably thought I forgot all about it but what happened was my camera was broken and I just got it back from the store. So Morningside Circle. If you're a resident of Morningside Circle, let me know. … Continue reading California Fool’s Gold – Exploring Morningside Circle

Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Games   The first installment in the Guitar Hero series was released in 2005. The developers at Harmonix were obviously inspired by 1998’s Konami’s GuitarFreaks, in which players also use a guitar-shaped controller with colored fret buttons on the neck and a pick lever to score points playing along to rock music. That … Continue reading Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero World Tour & video game timeline

Here’s my brief and proudly-biased timeline of the greatest and most historically significant video games -- and some just because I owned a copy or played it at a local arcade. Feel free to comment to the effect of, “What?! No blankety-blank?” Timeline of key games: 1947 Cathode Ray-Tube Amusement Device (sadly, no image but … Continue reading Guitar Hero World Tour & video game timeline

Hispanic vs. Latino & Hollywood Brownface

Hispanic Heritage Month September 15th to October 15th is officially recognized as Hispanic Heritage Month in the USA.The dates of the observance were chosen due to the timing of El Grito, the "cry" that brought the independence of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua's independence (followed closely by Mexico and Chile.). Some fellows celebrating "El … Continue reading Hispanic vs. Latino & Hollywood Brownface

Senegalese Film

During the Colonial era, cinematic images of Africa and its people were entirely the work of Western filmmakers. The Tarzan movies, African Queen, King Solomon's Mines and others were usually filmed on soundstages half a world away from Africa and made little to no effort toward authenticity, instead trading in exoticism aimed primarily at exploiting … Continue reading Senegalese Film