Korean BBQ and a South African Dream

When I fell asleep I dreamt that Ngoc and I were in South Africa. We walked down a road surrounded by a just-plowed field of moist dirt and straw. We came to a house and let ourselves inside. We were joined by someone and snooped around. The place was nice- kind of a 70s vibe … Continue reading Korean BBQ and a South African Dream


Valentine’s Day Massacre

The day started with a bang. I woke up confused and sad, having dreamt that an ex-girlfriend and I had been married and on our wedding night, she was angry at me and perplexingly locked me outside. I couldn't find the dream analysis book but I think there was some pretty obvious meaning. After a … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Massacre


This morning, I dreamt about eating. Those that know anything about me know that there is only one time I'm not hungry, and that's the 30 minutes following a couple of hours at a buffet table. I don't remember anything about what I was eating but it's making my mouth water just thinking about it. … Continue reading DREAMS


I dreamt that I hiked over the Hollywood Hills. On the other side, everything was beautiful and covered with snow. I had to take a ski lift down and the ticket seller flirted with me.  I found a hedgehog. I eagerly built it an environment inside of a glass fishbowl with an opening so small … Continue reading dreams

mas sueños

One more thing... the whole day I've been trying to remember the context of the dream. I've been hearing a lot of odd names in dreams lately and this morning I woke up repeating Allasagn-Don in my head, which I fear is not a real name at all but much in keeping with handles like … Continue reading mas sueños


I dreamt that Christian, Drea, Natalya, Rebecca and I were cavorting in Frenchy's Mine, a mine that CPM and I discovered in real life. We probably shouldn't have been so loud and racous... nor shooting fireworks inside because the whole mine starting shaking and we ran for the entrance to get out. Water starting flowing … Continue reading dreams

Pre-Reveille reveries…

A small girl climbed a ladder and popped her head through my window, waking me up. She wanted to tell me that my new name is Muller Fuller. Someone outside called her down and she disappeared again. Two of my friends, trying to sneak in to a showing of Mulholland Drive on a token nicked … Continue reading Pre-Reveille reveries…