Korean BBQ and a South African Dream

When I fell asleep I dreamt that Ngoc and I were in South Africa. We walked down a road surrounded by a just-plowed field of moist dirt and straw. We came to a house and let ourselves inside. We were joined by someone and snooped around. The place was nice- kind of a 70s vibe … Continue reading Korean BBQ and a South African Dream

[No Title]

So! I decided to take some time off before Amoeba's seasonal travel ban goes into effect. Originally, I thought Ngoc and I might head in the direction of autumn leaves but it seems there not around most places and then we considered Seattle. A fact I had neglected to consider was that it's nearly Thanksgiving … Continue reading [No Title]

Samhain/Halloween Party

MOOD: holidayish Let's mark the final harvest and dying of summer. We'll set a place for the dead and divine from apples, nuts and the direction of crows' flight. I'll try to make kornigou. No no- I'm not inviting you over for some Wiccan tomfoolery. There will be no Charmed marathon, no Magick the Gathering; … Continue reading Samhain/Halloween Party

Halloween on Halloween

Monday Night, this Hallows Eve: I'm having a Halloween Party at my place. Come by early if you want to see the kids in the building. Marvin Mutumbo is going as a Power Ranger, Arissa is going as Cinderella and there will probably be a few surprises although Power Rangers are the number one choice … Continue reading Halloween on Halloween

4th of July

For the fourth, my roommate Mischelle generously drove Morten and I across town to Culver City in her new mini. I will never voluntarily ride in one again, I decided, after unfolding myself after exiting the toy and several concussions later. In Culver City, we didn't see much evidence of holiday spirt or even living … Continue reading 4th of July

My Birthday

This past Saturday was my birthday. Last year was the big shindig at the abandoned zoo, this one I wanted to be more low key and spontaneous. So, in the morning, I was weighing my desire to have breakfast at Merkato against Eat Well in Glendale. Eat Well won partly because I don't think Merkato … Continue reading My Birthday

Halloween Party

MOOD: comme çi comme ça MUSIC: Moose - The Only Man in Town The Halloween party went surprisingly well. I was Robert Smith and, as such, got into character by drinking rather too much wine... among other things. I remember most of it, although there are conversations I had with people who I don't remember … Continue reading Halloween Party

Valentine’s Day Massacre

The day started with a bang. I woke up confused and sad, having dreamt that an ex-girlfriend and I had been married and on our wedding night, she was angry at me and perplexingly locked me outside. I couldn't find the dream analysis book but I think there was some pretty obvious meaning. After a … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Massacre


Drea is coming over tomorrow with Mike & Jeremy. I'm not expecting anything on par with our wonderful Thanksgiving but there is such a thing as a Christmas Miracle. Maybe we'll enjoy watching Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye in White Christmas. Pete is flying in tomorrow around 11pm. Maybe we can drive up to Mount … Continue reading Christmas

Lingua Franca

I'm sure this happens to everyone. You go through phases where you use a particular word or figure of speech as if there's no tomorrow. Eventually, they may seem like they're threatening to take over your speech and will never be excised. Years later, you run into or hear from someone that you haven't for … Continue reading Lingua Franca