There It Is, Revitalize It

There It Is, Revitalize It

What do you think this is, a desert? Wetlands, integral to sustainability, were long turned into dumps and rivers were entombed in concrete and turned into urban run-off conduits and storm drains. Oops. If there’s a water-related issue you’d like me to write about, please let me know by leaving a comment.

6 thoughts on “There It Is, Revitalize It

  1. Wow Eric, I am so impressed by your writings. I just stumbled across your webpage while I was searching for more information about the ethnic enclaves in Los Angeles. I am an local resident who has always been interested in my city, and only now have the time to do the research. I found your website only a couple of hours ago and cannot seem to stop clicking on your different topics! Just one more, just this topic, just to see what that means, and 3 hours later, I am still on your webpage! I have only just discovered it, so believe me when I say, I will go through everything you have and exhaust your explorations, as I can learn vicariously through you and be inspired for my own adventures! I clicked on this topic of “There it is, Revitalize it” and you ask for topics related to water, so I will give the suggestion of California Native Plants and Xeriscaping, which is a new theme in LA, but one that could use more information shared about it. I am personally on a mission to make a native landscape that would require me to rarely, if ever, water or maintain, as well as be as beneficial for the local ecological system as possible. I am learning so much, but at the same time finding that Angeleno’s could be doing so much more good if we were more selective and educated on the plants and methods we are using to design a “drought tolerant” yard. The California Native Plant Society has been paramount in teaching me about all of this and they have a tool that I have yet to find in any other website, which is a database that identifies plants that are actually native to your region in Southern California, down to the address! If I can be of more help in any way, let me know. I am a fan and will continue to read, so keep doing what you are doing, it’s phenomenal!

    Alicia Sabanero


    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the encouragement and maybe I’ll do a post about natives in the future. I’m a member of the Los Angeles Mycological Society and it’s amazing (and shouldn’t be that surprising, I suppose) how intertwined the lives of native plants are with fungi… and of course how integral both are to the ecosystem. Maybe I’ll do one about green roofs too. That might be a short listicle… but perhaps it could inspire more of that.


      1. Hahaha, that’s great to hear, we need to be more involved in our communities! Just an idea for you, if you feel it could do some good and some people might read it, go for it. Keep up the good work!

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