California Fools Gold — Exploring Newport Beach

INTRODUCTION I finally got around to exploring Newport Beach. I say "finally" because that particular coastal city in South Orange County has held the top spot in the California Fool’s Gold poll for more than a year. You'd be wrong if you assumed that my procrastination has anything to do with unfortunate (but typical) Angeleño bias against Orange … Continue reading California Fools Gold — Exploring Newport Beach

Highrising — Solitary Skyscrapers of Suburbia

Fast-fashion company Bestseller recently announced their intention to build a 320-meter tall skyscraper as their headquarters in Brande -- a tiny Danish town of roughly 7,000 inhabitants. Few buildings there have more than three stories and the mostly flat skyline is punctuated with the occasional windmill or church steeple. It won't be the first such … Continue reading Highrising — Solitary Skyscrapers of Suburbia