No Enclave — Moroccan Los Angeles

INTRODUCTION Morocco is playing France today in the World Cup semi-finals. It's a huge game for several reasons because Morocco are -- and have been -- massive underdogs. But that didn't stop them from knocking out Iberian neighbors Spain and Morocco. And now, as they did in the 8th century, the move on to France. … Continue reading No Enclave — Moroccan Los Angeles

No Enclave — Croatian Los Angeles

INTRODUCTION Today, on 13 December (St. Lucy's Day), Argentina and Croatia will face off in the World Cup semi-finals. It's safe to say, most Angelenos who care at all about association football (aka "soccer") will be rooting for Argentina. Los Angeles is also home to the nation's second-largest Argentine community -- although it is smaller … Continue reading No Enclave — Croatian Los Angeles

Happy Holidays — The War on Christmas Edition

Happy December, Happy Holidays, and Happy War on Christmas! I'm sure, by now, you've heard of the supposed War on Christmas. It's one of the biggest bugbears of so-called Conservatives. I say, "so-called" because the first people to declare War on Christmas were the Puritans who banned Christmas in the Massachusetts Colony in 1659 and … Continue reading Happy Holidays — The War on Christmas Edition