Korean BBQ and a South African Dream

When I fell asleep I dreamt that Ngoc and I were in South Africa. We walked down a road surrounded by a just-plowed field of moist dirt and straw. We came to a house and let ourselves inside. We were joined by someone and snooped around. The place was nice- kind of a 70s vibe … Continue reading Korean BBQ and a South African Dream

[No Title]

So! I decided to take some time off before Amoeba's seasonal travel ban goes into effect. Originally, I thought Ngoc and I might head in the direction of autumn leaves but it seems there not around most places and then we considered Seattle. A fact I had neglected to consider was that it's nearly Thanksgiving … Continue reading [No Title]

Samhain/Halloween Party

MOOD: holidayish Let's mark the final harvest and dying of summer. We'll set a place for the dead and divine from apples, nuts and the direction of crows' flight. I'll try to make kornigou. No no- I'm not inviting you over for some Wiccan tomfoolery. There will be no Charmed marathon, no Magick the Gathering; … Continue reading Samhain/Halloween Party

Halloween on Halloween

Monday Night, this Hallows Eve: I'm having a Halloween Party at my place. Come by early if you want to see the kids in the building. Marvin Mutumbo is going as a Power Ranger, Arissa is going as Cinderella and there will probably be a few surprises although Power Rangers are the number one choice … Continue reading Halloween on Halloween

4th of July

For the fourth, my roommate Mischelle generously drove Morten and I across town to Culver City in her new mini. I will never voluntarily ride in one again, I decided, after unfolding myself after exiting the toy and several concussions later. In Culver City, we didn't see much evidence of holiday spirt or even living … Continue reading 4th of July

My Birthday

This past Saturday was my birthday. Last year was the big shindig at the abandoned zoo, this one I wanted to be more low key and spontaneous. So, in the morning, I was weighing my desire to have breakfast at Merkato against Eat Well in Glendale. Eat Well won partly because I don't think Merkato … Continue reading My Birthday

small victories

MOOD: still ill Yesterday, I literally bumped into Cillian Murphy (or his shopping basket, to be precise). He played Jim in 28 Days Later. I played Jim on Halloween. I may've awkwardly put my hand up to the bald patch I had shaved as part of my costume. Ladies (and plenty of fellows)- he's a wee … Continue reading small victories

Dia de los Votos

MOOD:  worried The Halloween party was quite a success. A good number of people came and I was inspired to entertain more often. The only person to break anything was me and the carpet looks like there were a couple of spills but I couldn't have been happier.  The next day, of course, I took things … Continue reading Dia de los Votos

Halloween Party

MOOD: comme çi comme ça MUSIC: Moose - The Only Man in Town The Halloween party went surprisingly well. I was Robert Smith and, as such, got into character by drinking rather too much wine... among other things. I remember most of it, although there are conversations I had with people who I don't remember … Continue reading Halloween Party

Valentine’s Day Massacre

The day started with a bang. I woke up confused and sad, having dreamt that an ex-girlfriend and I had been married and on our wedding night, she was angry at me and perplexingly locked me outside. I couldn't find the dream analysis book but I think there was some pretty obvious meaning. After a … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Massacre