Happy Lunar New Year’s Eve

Tonight is Lunar New Year's Eve in the Americas. It's already New Year's Day in Asia so I suppose I should've posted this earlier since a good number of my readers are in (descending order to gently if unlikely stoke a bit of competition) Japan, the Philippines, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, … Continue reading Happy Lunar New Year’s Eve

Southland Parks — Visiting MacArthur Park

Neighborhoods often take their names from significant features within them, which in Los Angeles are often major street intersections and parks. Neighborhoods named after intersections include Vermont-Slauson, Broadway-Manchester, Central-Alameda, and Adams-Normandie. Neighborhoods named after parks include South Park, Alondra Park, Cypress Park, and, of course, MacArthur Park. MacArthur Park, however, was for half a century … Continue reading Southland Parks — Visiting MacArthur Park

California Fool’s Gold — Exploring San Pedro

INTRODUCTION TO SAN PEDRO I finally visited San Pedro for California Fool’s Gold. It’s long been one of my favorite Los Angeles neighborhoods but in general (and in this case), I rely on you, the vox populi, to tell me where I should go. Click here to vote for other Los Angeles neighborhoods to be … Continue reading California Fool’s Gold — Exploring San Pedro

Urban Rambles — The Passeggiata in Los Angeles and the Silver Lake Reservoir Stroll

I'm not sure when I first heard about the passeggiata -- a sort of ritualized stroll which takes place along the coasts and in the town squares of many Italian villages. I'm a fan of walking customs around the world, such as competitive pedestrianism, forest bathing, rambles, and walkabouts -- so, of course, the passeggiata is right … Continue reading Urban Rambles — The Passeggiata in Los Angeles and the Silver Lake Reservoir Stroll

Pan-Asian Metropolis — Overseas Chinese Cuisine

In recent years it seems to have finally begun to dawn on a growing number of folks that Chinese cuisine is far from a monolithic. That this comes as a surprise to anyone comes as something of a surprise to me. Ancient human teeth were discovered in Hunan  -- and presumably, they were used to … Continue reading Pan-Asian Metropolis — Overseas Chinese Cuisine

Mist & Iron — Climbing Mount San Antonio

INTRODUCTION “You look like you got a bit of sun,” an acquaintance told me, last winter, having noticed that my face was bright red. I explained that I'd just hiked up Mount San Antonio and had, as I often do, forgotten to apply sunblock. His only response was a blank stare. Realizing that more people know … Continue reading Mist & Iron — Climbing Mount San Antonio

Swinging Doors — The Chain Pubs of Los Angeles

In 2015, whilst vacationing in England, I ducked into the first pub I encountered in the tiny village of Crowmarsh Gifford. It was the first real English pub that I'd ever been in and whereas I had been led to believe that all pubs were cozy, warm, and woozily welcoming places, this one had an ambiance … Continue reading Swinging Doors — The Chain Pubs of Los Angeles