Things suck part 2

The media is awful. Cabbies in New York have been pulled from cars and beaten. There’ve been hate crimes against Muslims here in L.A. They’ve turned the whole thing into a disaster movie… or an episode of America’s Worst Terrorist Attacks. The same footage of thousands dying over and over and over for an entire day. Tomorrow they’ll inevitably run stories on whether or not they covered it the best way and re-run the same footage over and over… I’m glad I don’t have kids to see this desensitizing video game spectacle.

Why didn’t the media call David Koresh and the Branch Davidians “Christian Fanatics”? Why wasn’t Timothy McVeigh called a “freedom fighter”? Why is it that no one condemns all Jews for the occupation of Palestine but any Muslim (or suspected Muslim) is continually asked to answer for anything bin Laden may or may not be connected with? Why did the media call him Afghani (he’s Saudi)? Not all Arabs are Muslim, not all Muslims are Arabic (Indonesia‘s the biggest Muslim country, by the way). Afghanis aren’t Arabs. None of them are any crazier than any other culture/religion/ethnicity.

Stop generalizing. Stop being ignorant. Stop the racist brainwashing.

I’m so sick of the backlash/stupidity/predictability of this sorry situation. If there weren’t seven million Muslims in this country, they’d be interned by now, I’m afraid.

Watch the news or True Lies or anything else depicting an Arab or Muslim and tell me if you find one that isn’t stomach-churningly racist and yet accepted as being completely innocuous. Is it any wonder that some elements feel under the gun or see themselves as victims of an evil, godless, racist world power. Thousands die every day in Iraq because of the embargo. Does the U.S. expect the impoverished people of that country to oust Saddam with their fists? Are we surprised that they hate us when our country sells weapons to every side to keep the balance of power? Or that we stand by Israel when they invade Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Syria? Or that we support and train fascists because it’s better for business. I’m saddened by today’s events, but so incredibly not surprised. And it’s hard not to be startled by the first major attack on America (Pearl Harbor was on an occupied territory whose native government had been violently overthrown by the U.S. about fifty years earlier) but when thousands die every day all over the world, it seems to me nationalistic and callous to shed more tears for people on that coast than any other. I wish everyone well and I worry about us all.

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