Silent Film Night

I, perhaps surprisingly all things considered, found last night to be a rousing success… one of the high points of the season.

So the film was 3 and a half hours long, so some of us (myself included) talked through the whole thing, so more than half the guests up and left to go drink in the kitchen before the 2 hour mark. I had fun, I hope everyone else did. It was one of the best turnouts, four of us made it through the film, I hope Amanda didn’t get grounded for staying out so late and maybe next month we’ll watch something captivating and shorter. Of course, then there will be just three of us and we’ll all fall asleep.

Remember, in two Fridays– a non-European/non-American film. Any requests? A little poetic realism from Africa? Angry Marxist treatise from Latin America? Long, cerebral weepie from Iran?

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