The Sorry State of things.

Over 1.5 million Iraqis have died because of sanctions. 41% were children under five. I’m not saying that two wrongs make a right but I think it’s completely insane to call the perpetrators cowards when they gave their lives fighting against their enemy in the only way they could that would get our attention. Norman Schwarzkopf is railing against “the bastards” now. I remember during the Gulf War when he was showing footage of the U.S. destroying a bridge. A car narrowly avoided being destroyed in the blast as it sped to safety, “Tbat’s the luckiest guy in Iraq,” he joked. The room full of journalists laughed smugly.

Now, Bush (who knows a thing or two about cowardice) flies around the country delivering horribly written soundbites and contributing to the deaths of millions abroad. And then he has the evil in him to take the moral high road…

Why do Americans think that some parts of society in some parts of the world hate us enough to give their lives trying to destroy us? No one here may’ve declared holy war in those words but America and the West have been waging war on and in that part of the world with evil aims for over a thousand years. No one cries for them.

Bush said that the aim of the terrorists was to create fear but that we weren’t afraid. I’m afraid. I’m afraid of this planet’s survival and of the president we have and of the people that voted for him and of the kind of country where people are now shooting at Muslims and women who wear veils are cautioned against going outdoors for the time being. I’m afraid of being trapped on this unhappy planet with “all the carnivores and the destructors of it.”

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