World Cinema

Hey, if any of my wodies has a code for starting a community, I'd love to have one so that I could start a World Cinema community and then my friends with no interest in that sort of thing can easily avoid having to read about them. So, tonight is the night. It's a secret … Continue reading World Cinema

Silent Film Night

Well, this Friday is Silent Movie Night for October. The movie is Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde because Halloween is coming. I've really got to get back into the holiday spirit... I used to celebrate the Eve of St. Agnes and St. Swithin's Day and Zoroastrian holidays, &c and now I forget about the major … Continue reading Silent Film Night

Movie Nite

It's movie night. The flick is Color of Paradise which, when I rented it, the guy asked, "Is that a good idea?" because it's Iranian. Of course, when a Lebanese guy mulled over renting Air Force One or Passenger 57 he said the same thing. Damned Jew (just kidding). I see that Sethly has been … Continue reading Movie Nite

Silent Film Night

I, perhaps surprisingly all things considered, found last night to be a rousing success... one of the high points of the season. So the film was 3 and a half hours long, so some of us (myself included) talked through the whole thing, so more than half the guests up and left to go drink … Continue reading Silent Film Night

noche de peliculas silenciosas

Last night I saw mi amiga Lili and her new band the Purple Hearts... No one had the heart to let them know that there's already been a fairly well-known band by that name. Just change it to Purple Hearts UK, I say. Then, this morning, I went to CPT to work in the garden. … Continue reading noche de peliculas silenciosas