My Birthday

This past Saturday was my birthday. Last year was the big shindig at the abandoned zoo, this one I wanted to be more low key and spontaneous. So, in the morning, I was weighing my desire to have breakfast at Merkato against Eat Well in Glendale. Eat Well won partly because I don’t think Merkato serves breakfast that late but you should try it if you like Ethiopian. Eat Well in Glendale, for those that don’t know, has a couple stars more than its underachieving Silver Lake sibling.
Once everyone showed up, we had to be moved to the other room. Magdelawit was scooped up from a bus stop by Natalya and Kat and Nick just happened to be there as well. No surprises here, I got the Big Mess with veggie sausage and ate the whole damn thing. After we finished, I decided to go to the Zoo and Strongo, Natalya and Magda stuck around to join me. The orangutan was taking care of her infant, the chimpanzees were making amazing catches of cucumbers being tossed in by the keeper, the capuchins still charm and they’re finally building the elephant a larger compound. Magda and Natalya crawled along behind Strongo and I, stopping at every other bench and generally being secretive and talking about issues we weren’t privy to.
In the evening, I craved Palms Thai. Morten parked us a long block or two from the new location but they still aren’t open, despite having pushed back the opening 3 times already and giving me a definitive June 1st when I called. So, along with Tita we sat down at a table, then Natalya showed up, followed by Rebecca and we had to be moved to a booth. The waitress barked that if anyone else showed up they were sitting on my lap and informed me that she’d have to take my Aveda products that Rebecca bought me as payment for her trouble. Later she chewed out a party of 26 that reserved room for 22.
After dinner, Morten and I grabbed some Kronenbergs and headed over to Evan‘s. A good crowd showed up. Short Stop regulars came by late and, without fail, without booze. When I left, Liam and Brandon were still in the rubber tree and Lars was enjoying listening to grebo on Evan’s Mac which was documented for the benefit of disbelievers by Morten.

Current Mood: old

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