small victories

  • MOOD: still ill

Yesterday, I literally bumped into Cillian Murphy (or his shopping basket, to be precise). He played Jim in 28 Days Later. I played Jim on Halloween. I may’ve awkwardly put my hand up to the bald patch I had shaved as part of my costume. Ladies (and plenty of fellows)- he’s a wee man! OK, still lovely, but it made me feel a little better about myself that he had to look up to me!

And today I did my detective work. All of my rip-off charges were at various Home Depots, a Smart & Final, 7-11s and banks. It sucks that they were in various cities because I had to drive around (on remaining fumes) getting passed back and forth between the LAPD (because I live in L.A.) and Pasadena (because that’s where most of the charges occurred). Both said the other should take care of it. And spent my last 15 cents on 9 minutes of meter time at the Police station.

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