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This morning I dreamt that a pair of short, purple, spandex trousers with black paisleys came in the mail that had belonged to Prince at one time.

It was a Christmas fucking miracle!!!! Today, after a two-hour shift, a city inspector told us we don’t have a permit to stock the bins on the floor… Thank you St. Beauraucrat! I got to take the rest of the day off and still got paid and still got candy corn. Rah rah rah!!!!

Some article referred to These Immortal Souls, Birthday Party, Boys Next Door, Hungry Ghosts and Dirty Three as “barroom baroque“. That’s kind of good… although I don’t think the Godlike Genius of Barroom Baroque is the best title we can come up with. Perhaps, Barroom Baroque: The Godlike Genius of … I don’t know. Apparently, Evan is representing this subculture in the hostile environ of DeKalb though. Good luck.

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