Dreams, requests, realizations, &c.

I dreamt last night that I was driving across the Arabian Peninsula… Every time I was outside, it seemed like the sun had gone down two hours before. At the hotels, I felt like I was getting ripped off with extra charges but that I could afford to pay more so obliged them since the hotel workers were clearly in dire financial straits. I talked to some women who were crying.

Hey! I just realized it’s been a month since my mysterious markings on my wrists and arm showed up.They’re finally starting to fade… Maybe I should take a picture before they do for posterity.

Also, why do things get released abroad first? I just found out that the N.E.R.D. and new Kelis album (Wanderland– not to be confused with the CharlatansWonderland) are out abroad and available only on import…. They’re both American R&B! Is there a conspiracy? Do they want to milk nü-metal and (c)rap-rock for all they’re *cough* worth before they release any decent albums here? I’m still waiting for the Divine Comedy, Pulp and Ian Brown too. I’d like to know who to thank for this embargo on good music…

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