dreams of l.a.

Just talking about dreams during the day always ends up making them more interesting when I sleep. Well, not necessarily interesting to other people but I’m curious what Sigmund Tran‘s… oops! (Freudian Slip) reading would be of this morning’s curiousity:

I was running along a grassy coast at the onset of a big storm. Waves were crashing and clouds were churning furiously. In the weeds I noticed two Tiger Swallow butterflies tied together the tip of a pole by their legs with a twist tie. One was dead, the other flapping furiously and in my efforts to loose the twistie, the live one took off with the dead one in tow. Then, it came back to me, I undid the twistie and the dead one fell down whilst the other took off.

Any thoughts? I wonder what Joseph would say…

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