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We slept in fairly late before heading out to Aunt Reb‘s which Gramps & Grams were visiting in honor of Vanessa‘s graduation. Gramps had some more legal forms to fill out. Vanessa’s friend Issac & his mother were there as was Celeste. The lot of us enjoyed a sunny lunch on the balcony & Rebecca showed us around her Nature Preserve. She gave us 2 pound cakes & two peppers. Gramps gave us $100 (“Gas is more expensive out there”) & we went back to Ames.

Back in Ames, we had a croquet match which Seth won, therby earning the right to take the nonexistent trophy to California. We then left, having given one of the pound cakes to Pete, at about 5:30.

We stopped in Sac & got snacks & gas. We drove though Sioux City on to Sioux Falls with the only things of note being the increased speed limit (75), the increased number of bikes & the increased number of bugs. Because of the latter, we had to make a special stop to clean the windshield.

In Sioux Falls, we stopped at “Szechwan Chinese Restaurant” at which the food was rather sub par & the other patrons were an enormous family full of loud, gruff-voiced brats. The only plusses were the menu (Which noted such bizarre things as the Chinese love of sex & women) & the owner who warned us with several pieces of advice.

of motels: “Nobody there- no stop!”
of Denver: “Don’t go to Denver, the mountains are a big wall!”
& of Vegas: “Go to New York!”

My fortune read, “More money & travel is in your future.”

Following our meal, we went to Randall Foods & got some more supplies, the most noteworthy being a pair of aviator glasses.

We then left for Rapid City. En route, we stopped in Mitchell. There we saw the Corn Palace. It was about midnight & so therefore closed. It was smaller than I thought it would be & in the process of having some corn replaced.

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