Samhain/Halloween Party

  • MOOD:

Let’s mark the final harvest and dying of summer. We’ll set a place for the dead and divine from apples, nuts and the direction of crows’ flight. I’ll try to make kornigou.

No no- I’m not inviting you over for some Wiccan tomfoolery. There will be no Charmed marathon, no Magick the Gathering; just a good old fashioned bit of traditional, pre-X-Ray-your-Tootsie Roll™-and-dress-like-Super-Mario Halloween.

That means, you don’t have to come as anything although, I suppose, a wet blanket is something. It would be nice if you brought something to drink. May I just suggest cider or mulled wine or something… OK, Pacifico if you must.

I will bake a kornigou, the antler-shaped cake to commemorated the return of Cernunnos (God of the beasts & the wild) to his kingdom in the Otherworld.
There will also be more mundane treats like nuts, barnbrack and candy apples &c.

So, 2854 Rowena Ave #6, 8:00 p.m, October 31st (Halloween is NOT a moveable feast!)

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