Godlike Genius of Nick Cave-related schtuff

I need a good name for the new Godlike Genius compilation. It’s all going to be bands related sonicly and geneologicly related to Nick Cave. I don’t really necessarily want to mention Nick Cave in the name because, while he’s the biggest and most influential fruit of the scene, Simon Bonney or Rowland S. Howard have larger roles in the formation of the sonic and thematic development of all the included bands.

It’s going to have Wolfgang Press, Tindersticks, Crime & the City Solution, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, These Immortal Souls, Hungry Ghosts, Dirty Three, 16 Horsepower, PJ Harvey and others. You get the idea? Not really gothic in the wannabe vampire way. More gothic in the William Faulkner/Flannery O’Connor way… but not all of them could be described that way. All are the perfect music for absinthe-fueled nights of drunken tomfoolery in New Orleans (I’m not talking Girls Gone Wild, here). Spanish moss, murder and screw-top champagne. Greasy, fin-de-siecle, frontier dandies. Thomas Hart Benton type stuff. And, despite dredging up memories of kudzu covered corn-cribs and menace, they’re largely all from Australia and not the Ozarks.

Any ideas.

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