[No Title]

I awoke to Liz crossing over me as I was sleeping at the foot of the stairs in order to avoid the many & spread out shoes of the guests.

Later, Seth drove Pete & I to Hertz and impatiently waited for things to get sorted out. T’was a Camry and, after dropping Jukes off at Trader Joe’s, drove my car to Atwater Village before taking Tim to Playa del Rey.

After driving for some time, I was ticketed for speeding in Santa Maria or somewhere. We finally stopped in Salinas at the Vagabond Inn. After asking about local bars we went to Cap’s Saloon after being told to avoid a “mostly hispanic and rough bar” around the corner. Cap’s was, paradoxically, full of hispanics and pretty rough, and it smelled like moldy urinal cakes & cat shit. Pete beat a chap named Randy at pool although he was hit in the nads by a flying pool ball.

Randy said I was “twelveteen” and requested I bring ID next time. [actually, I think he requested that I grow a beard next time -ed.] This is in Salinas & a mummy of hag kissed & sucked Evan‘s ear… and she had tatooed tears. All this, not surprisingly, was across the street from a Greyhound station. And earlier we drove around San Luis Obispo & saw a [?] theatre.

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