Introduction to Subcultural Anthropology: Kogal

The following entry originally appeared on the Amoeblog Even disregarding the sense having to do with bacteria, there are many definitions of "subculture." The longest that I've found is that of the The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition: A group within a society that has its own shared set of customs, … Continue reading Introduction to Subcultural Anthropology: Kogal

Introduction to Subcultural Anthropology: Minet

As a fan of fashion, youth subculture, and the 1960s, at some point I was bound to be made aware of the French minet subculture. Obviously, since I'm writing about it, that momentous occasion has arrived at some point in my past. I can't remember when or where it occurred (the internet is a safe bet) … Continue reading Introduction to Subcultural Anthropology: Minet

Introduction to Subcultural Anthropology: Paninaro

On this day (22 September), 1986, the Pet Shop Boys released the single "Suburbia" b/w "Paninaro," which introduced an Italian subculture to the wider world. It was certainly my introduction. Paninari (the plural of Paninaro) were an Italian youth subculture in the 1980s. Their name came from the word "panino," Italian for "bread." La Stampa branded them that due to the … Continue reading Introduction to Subcultural Anthropology: Paninaro