Southland Parks — Visiting Granada Park

A week ago I visited O’Melveny Park, often said to be Los Angeles’s second largest park — but actually its fifth. A few days later I visited the actual second largest park, albeit of Alhambra, not Los Angeles. That community’s Granada Park is a pleasant community park second in size only to Almansor Park. ***** … Continue reading Southland Parks — Visiting Granada Park

Swinging Doors — A Guide to Winter Warmers

Though technically still autumn, it’s now felt like winter for over a week here in Los Angeles. The days are very short and on the long cold nights it’s been dipping into the single digits. We’ve been blessed with a little bit of rain here and there and the Santa Ana Winds have been whipping up leaves and … Continue reading Swinging Doors — A Guide to Winter Warmers

Southland Parks — Visiting O’Melveny Park

I’d wanted to visit O’Melveny Park since first getting wind of its existence several years ago and seeing repeated references to its being the second largest park in Los Angeles (after much better known Griffith Park). However, whereas I can easily walk or ride my bicycle to Griffith Park, O’Melveny is about fifty kilometers from Pendersleigh and public … Continue reading Southland Parks — Visiting O’Melveny Park

California Fool’s Gold — Exploring Palms

Palms is a neighborhood that founded as an agricultural and vacation community in 1886. Today it’s mostly comprised of apartment buildings, crisscrossed with commercial corridors, and the most densely populated community on the Westside. It’s also home to many of my favorite Westside establishments so the reality that I found exploring the actual neighborhood somewhat unpleasant … Continue reading California Fool’s Gold — Exploring Palms

No Enclave — Exploring Islamic Los Angeles

I’m not religious. I am curious about my fellow humans, however, and the various ways in which we attempt to understand our world. I suppose it's partly for that reason that I’ve always been fascinated by mythology and religion. My curiosity has led me to read a few religious texts, including the Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Gospel of Thomas, Hagakure, Phrases and Philosophies … Continue reading No Enclave — Exploring Islamic Los Angeles

Swinging Doors — Visiting The Verdugo

Verdugo Bar is located in the Glassell Park neighborhood of Northeast Los Angeles at 3408 Verdugo Road. Verdugo Road (along with Verdugo Canyon, Verdugo City, the Verdugo Hills, Verdugo Park, and the Verdugos region) is named after José María Verdugo, Spanish soldier and landowner to whom Rancho San Rafael was granted in 1784. Andrew Glassell … Continue reading Swinging Doors — Visiting The Verdugo

Swinging Doors — Footsies

Footsies is a bar in the Cypress Park neighborhood of Northeast Los Angeles. I’ve been going there with wavering semi-regularity for about 17 years — as many as I’ve lived in Los Angeles. Online historic information about the bar is minimal and I’d love to fill it in more, so leave comments if you can help … Continue reading Swinging Doors — Footsies