Greater Streets — Valley Boulevard

Valley Boulevard is the main thoroughfare of the San Gabriel Valley, what Wilshire is to Midtown, Crenshaw is to South Los Angeles’s Westside, and Ventura is to the San Fernando Valley. Speaking of which, it’s about the only time “Valley” is used to refer not to the San Fernando one, but the San Gabriel.

It’s about 28.2 kilometers long, with its eastern terminus in the Pomona Valley suburb of Pomona and its western terminus in the Eastside neighborhood of Lincoln Heights. The point where East and West Valley begin is at the intersection with Del Mar in the city of San Gabriel.

It was formerly part of US Route 60 and US Route 99. Stretches were also formerly known as Main Street and Pomona Boulevard. It passes through gritty industrial areas, punishingly tree-less and car-dependent suburbs, &c.


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