Sounds of the Show-Me State — Happy Missouri Day

Pendersleigh & Sons Cartography's Map of Missouri

Pendersleigh & Sons Cartography‘s Map of Missouri

Missouri’s nickname, the “Show Me State,” first appears in print in the words of congressman, William Vandiver, who declared in 1889, “I come from a state that raises corn and cotton and cockleburs and Democrats. Frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I am from Missouri. You have got to show me.” Maybe it should be called the “Play-Me State” because it’s produced so much great music. OK — that doesn’t make a lot of sense but I needed some sort of intro and transition.


The state song is “Missouri Waltz.”  It was first published in 1914.

Hush-a-bye, ma baby, slumbertime is comin’ soon;
Rest yo’ head upon my breast while Mommy hums a tune;
The sandman is callin’ where shadows are fallin’,
While the soft breezes sigh as in days long gone by.

Way down in Missouri where I heard this melody,
When I was a little child upon my Mommy’s knee;
The old folks were hummin’; their banjos were strummin’;
So sweet and low.

Strum, strum, strum, strum, strum,
Seems I hear those banjos playin’ once again,
Hum, hum, hum, hum, hum,
That same old plaintive strain.

Hear that mournful melody,
It just haunts you the whole day long,
And you wander in dreams back to Dixie, it seems,
When you hear that old time song.

Hush-a-bye ma baby, go to sleep on Mommy’s knee,
Journey back to Dixieland in dreams again with me;
It seems like your Mommy is there once again,
And the old folks were strummin’ that same old refrain.

Way down in Missouri where I learned this lullaby,
When the stars were blinkin’ and the moon was climbin’ high,
Seems I hear voices low, as in days long ago,
Singin’ hush-a-bye.

The state (or maybe just the river in some cases) of Missouri has been celebrated, or at least the subject of, songs by many non-Missourians, for example After The Tragedy‘s “Missouri Loves Company,” Avi Bortnick‘s “Missouri Dreaming,” Back Porch Mary‘s “Missouri Girl,” Colt Ford‘s “Missouri,” David Ford‘s “Missouri,” DJ Quik‘s “Jus Lyke Compton,” Fourth of July‘s “Across the Wide Missouri,” Ice Cube‘s “Summer Vacation,” James Cotton‘s “Born in Missouri,” James Keelaghan‘s “Cold Missouri Waters,” Jimmy Rodgers‘s “Shovlin’ Coal in Missouri,” MartyParty‘s “Crossing Missouri,” The Magnetic Fields “Long Vermont Road,” Merle Travis‘s “Missouri,” Ry Cooder‘s “Leaving Missouri,” and Simon Bonney‘s “Ozark Waltz.” Its great cities and Ozark Mountains have also been the subject of songs like W. C. Handy‘s “St. Louis Blue,” Leiber and Stoller‘s “Kansas City,” and many more.




While no sane person would seriously suggest that Missouri (or any other state for that matter) rivals neighboring Kentucky for its claim to Bluegrass, Missouri did produce a handful of talented Bluegarss artists including The Dillards, John Har(t)ford, Onie Wheeler and Rhonda Vincent


Missouri (mostly St. Louis) is one of the most unsung and under-appreciated contributors to the Blues. Since most folks think of Missouri as a Midwestern state, the Blues probably doesn’t immediately come to mind. Ma Rainey herself, however (the so-called “Mother of the Blues”), though she hailed from Georgia, recounted that she first heard the Blues sung by a young girl in a small town in Missouri in 1902. Many of the best-known artists associated with the St. Louis Blues scene were immigrants from other parts of the country.
Consider all the following, notable Missouri-born Blues artists: A.C. Reed, Bennie Smith, Catherine Henderson (aka Katherine Henderson), Chuck Norris, Edith North Johnson, George Brazier, Gus Thornton, Henry BrownHenry TownsendJimmy McCracklin, Larry Davis, Lightnin’ SlimLottie KimbroughMary Stafford, and Olive Brown.



One Missourian looms large not just over Missouri boogie but all boogie: Pete Johnson




I never listened to much Children’s music besides that of Mr. Rogers (he was from Pennsylvania, and one of Missouri’s nicknames was “The Pennsylvania of the West“) but I gather that Missouri native Ella Jenkins is kind of a big deal.



I’ve only got two right now: The vastly different Virgil Thomson and Mikel Rouse.



Whilst today not a Country hotbed on par with neighboring Tennessee, Missouri has produced some (as usual – mostly under-appreciated) Country and Hillbilly acts and for years attempted to dethrone Tennessee as the “Crossroads of Country.”

Situated in the Ozarks is Branson, which I like to think of as the town where Cashville retires to when past its sell-by date, although it was a legitimate rival to Nashville for many years. From the late 1940s through the 1950s, Springfield broadcasters Ralph Foster and Si Siman produced nationally-syndicated radio shows (through Foster’s RadiOzark Enterprises) which aired locally on KWTO-AMOzark Jubilee, taped in Springfield, was one of the first national network TV shows to feature country music performers, airing on ABC from 1954 – 1961.

Notable country stars born in Missouri includeArkie the Arkansas Woodchopper, Bob FergusonDanny SchmidtDavid Nail, Diane Pfeifer, Dick FellerFerlin Husky, Helen Cornelius, Jan HowardJerry Wallace, Jimmy Gately, Kelly McGuire, Leland Martin, Leon RauschLeroy Van DykeThe Mark Chapman Band, Ozark Cowboys, Porter WagonerRed MurrellSara Evans, Shirley Collie, Speedy WestSue Thompson,The JordanairesThe KendallsT-Bone BurnettThumbs Carlisle, Tim Nichols, and Wynn Stewart.


Surely there were more than two doo-wop groups from Missouri but The Carpets and The Sinceres are all that I know of.


I’m also sure there are more electronic bands from Missouri but the only one that comes to mind is The Ray Makers.



Missouri has produced a few respected film scorers including Basil Poledouris, John McDaniel, Lennie NiehausPaul Francis Webster, Robert Russell BennettRonald Stein, and Virgil Thompson.


There are a few notable folk (in the popular sense of the word i.e. singer-songwriter) artists from Missouri: Angel OlsenMark SpoelstraJulius Lester and Jeff Black.


Although Jazz is most associated with New Orleans, it is also probably Missouri’s largest, most famous music export as celebrated in (Missourian) director Robert Altman‘s film, Kansas City and touched upon in Ken Burns’s Jazz.

Pritnear everyone’s heard of at least some of these performers: Ahmad AlaadeenArvell ShawBen WebsterBennie MotenBilly Mitchell, Black Artists’ Group, The Blue Devils, Bob BrookmeyerBob GordonBob JamesCal TjaderCharles KynardCharles McPherson, Charlie Creath, Chris CheekChris ConnorClark TerryColeman HawkinsCurtis Counce, Curtis J. Mosby, Elmer “Pha” Terrell, Elmer Wright, Ernie WilkinsFrank TeschemacherGene Sedric, George E. Lee, Grant Green, Gus Haenschen, Harlan LeonardHarold Ashby, Human Arts Ensemble, Jack Bland, James Carter Pankow, Jess StacyJimmy ForrestJimmy WoodsJoe Harris, John Mixon, Julius HemphillKarl GeorgeKevin MahoganyKing Kolax, Lammar Wright Jr., Leo Watson, Marty EhrlichMilt BucknerThe Missourians, Oliver NelsonPat MethenyPee Wee RussellRed McKenzieSam T. Brown, Sammy Gardner, Shorty BakerSingleton Palmer, Sylvester Lewis, Theodore Carpenter,Velma MiddletonWendell Marshall, and William “Bill Blue” Thornton Blue.

Whole lotta jumping gone on. Missourian jump blues was represented by Julia LeeBig Joe TurnerJimmy Beasley and Gene Phillips.



Only one name looms large in the Missouri lounge scene (that I’m presently aware of), Felix Slatkin.



Sadly, marching and concert bands don’t get a lot of love anymore — even in high school and junior high. Back in the day, however, Arthur Pryor was one of the giants of the scene as a writer of marches and performer with the hugely popular Sousa Band. He brought the swing to Sousa’s Band (which Sousa supposedly disliked but recognized was popular with audiences. Less well-known but arguably no less significant was bandmaster and music teacher, Edward M. Hiner.



Missouri has a rich history of fiddle-heavy “Old Time” music. The first Europeans to settle in Missouri were the French, who arrived in 1735. Their traditions mingled with the later-to-arrive Scots-Irish. I don’t know much about fiddlin’ but it’s the heavy reliance on the so-called “saw stroke” and a drive that gives Missouri style fiddlin’ its unique sound. Amongst aficionados, Missouri Fiddlin’ is further be broken down into the Hornpipe, Little Dixie, and Ozark styles. Some noted fiddlers include Bill Driver, Bill Katon, Bob Holt, Charlie Pasha, Cleo Persinger, Cyril Stinnett, Ethel Goff, Gene Wells, Geoff Seitz, Jake Hockemeyer, Joe Politte, Pete McMahan, Roy Boyer, and Taylor McBaine.


Stop hating on the New Age. If you slag New Age but like Post-Rock then you’re already as new age as a rain stick filled with magic healing crystals — and you’re a hatin’ poseur. Anyway, Missouri’s best-known New Age artist is probably Dan Landrum.



Although the fact that they’re from Missouri is often overlooked, pop musicians Billy Davis Jr., Bob Kuban & the In Men, Burt BacharachCliff Edwards, Connee Boswell, David CookGreg Guidry, The Guise (And Their Mod Sound), Herman Grimes, Jerry Jay and the Sheratons, Josephine Baker, Mrs. Elva Miller, Nikko SmithSheryl Crow, The Del-Tones as a matter of fact, are.



The one music form where Missouri actually does get its due is href=””>Ragtime. Ragtime was all the rage back in the before the Jazz Age. It took the European-derived marches and spruced it up with some syncopation derived from CakewalkScott Joplin, who moved to Missouri (the hotbed of Ragtime), described the effect as “weird and intoxicating.”
James Scott Scott Hayden Arhtur Marshall Percy Wenrich Tom Turpin Blind Boone Edythe Baker Missouri State Penitentiary Orchestra featuring Harry Snodgrass

Big Missouri ragtimers include Arthur MarshallBlind BooneEdythe BakerGeorge Thomas IrelandHarry Snodgrass (pictured here in the Missouri State Penitentiary Orchestra), James ScottPercy WenrichScott Hayden, and Tom Turpin.



There weren’t a whole lot of successful R&B performers to bust out of Missouri but let’s not ignore Joe BucknerToyaTruth HurtsAngela WinbushBloodstoneMichael McDonald,Barbara CarrGene McDaniels, and Herb Reed.



St. Louis rapper Domino was Missouri’s first contribution to the hip-hop world to make it big. With his’n sing-songy delivery and countrified subject matter (“Sweet Potato Pie”), he was massive at home and nationally. However, it wasn’t really until Texas-born/Missouri-raised Nelly that a Missouri rapper embraced their Missouri-character and opened the floodgates, albeit briefly, fer ChingyMurphy LeeJ-Kwon and Nelly’s group, St. Lunatics. In fact, St. Louis was really the last time the crumbling major label music industry pinned all of its hopes on a regional scene and if you listen to most popular hip-hop today it sounds like come watered down, ringtone friendly mix of Dirty South’s most commercial output from Atlanta, New Orleans, Virginia Beach, and St. Louis. Kansas City has a special place in the hip-hop world, a place characterized by both fast-paced “choppers” in the Midwest rap tradition like  Tech N9ne, and San Francisco Bay-indebted rappers like Fat Tone. In fact, it was in Kansas City that Vallejo, Calfornia‘s Mac Dre was murdered. No one was ever arrested for Mac Dre’s murder but  Fat Tone’s subsequent murder at the hands of San Franciso rapper Mac Minister was seen by most as revenge.

Other hip-hop artists from Missouri include AdverbAli, Arsenal, Basement BeatsBombayCCGClyphDa Banggaz 314Da Hol 9Ebony EyezHueyJibbsKanjiaKrizz KalikoLenny Knox & Freeky JasonLil WhitMac LethalMass 187Missouri MarleyPotzeeReachRich the FactorRuka PuffSkatterman & Snug BrimSpaide R.I.P.P.E.R.,Stik FigaStrugglin’ to Live, T. Scales,Trackboyz, and Youvee.



Some of the following acts from Missouri I classified for the sake of this entry as rock, even though a lot of them hop genres and mix influences like Country, Blues, Funk, Jazz, and Soul.

Notable Rock (in the broad sense) acts and performers from Missouri include Adair The AerovonsThe Bottle Rockets, Boy’s Life, BunnygruntThe Casket Lottery, The Chesmann,  CoalesceD.H. Peligro, Disturbing the Peace, East Ash, The Foundry Field Recordings, A Full Moon Consort, Gayle McCormickGene ClarkThe Get Up KidsGravity KillsThe Hooten HallersKing’s XLouise PostLudoMama’s Pride, Missouri, The ModdsThe MorellsOzark Mountain DaredevilsThe PassionPavlov’s Dog, The Rainmakers, Shooting StarThe SkeletonsSteve “The Colonel” Cropper, Story of the Year, The Urge, Ultraman, and The Welders, are all from Missouri.


The Aerovons’ Resurrection (1968)
The Bottle Rockets’ “Kerosene”
The Casket Lottery’s “In the Branches”

East Ash’s Push” (1989)

A Full Moon Consort’s “The Great Wall” (1977) 

Gayle McCormick’s “Its a Cryin Shame” (1971)

Mama’s Pride’s “Blue Mist” (1975)

Pavlov’s Dog’s “Valkerie” (1975)

The Skeletons’ “Sour Snow” (1979)


Now not everyone hears “rock ‘n’ roll” and thinks “Missouri” but let’s face it, St. Louis’s Chuck Berry pretty much invented the genre (along with non-Missourians like Bo Diddley, Fats DominoGoree CarterJackie BrenstonJimmy Preston, and Little Richard, among others). Other early rock ‘n’ rollers or rockabilly talents from Missouri include Glenn Glen, Karen WheelerJules Blattner, and Jim Lowe.


Glenn Glen’s “One Cup of Coffee (And a Cigarette)” (1958)

Karen Wheeler & the Gents’ “Wait Till I’m Sixteen” (1961)

Jules Blattner’s cover of Chuck Berry’s “No Money Down” (1964)

Regardless of genre, lot of the music of Missouri is markedly-infused with Soul and is thus, sometimes filed there in record stores, even if it borders on or crosses over into other genres. None of the following were born in the great soul centers Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, or Philadelphia but rather, various towns in Missouri: Alvin CashAnn PeeblesFontella Bass, Jackie RossJohn Edwards, and The Ikettes.


Jackie Ross’s “Who Could Be Lovin’ You?” (1969)
John Edwards’s “Claim Jumpin'” (1974)



Western is the cowboy counterpart to thematically distant Country in the “Country & Western” equation and Western Swing is its jazz-influenced offspring. Missouri produced a few relatively obscure Western and Western Swing acts including Tim Spencer, Quilla Hugh “Porky” Freeman, the Ozark Jubilee Boys, and The Jazzabillies.

Porky Freeman’s “Boogie Woogie Boy” (1945)

The Jazzabillies’ “Turn Me Loose and Let Me Swing”


There are still LOADS of performers from Missouri that I’m discovering and have yet to “genre sort” into this entry. For starters there’s Aardvarks, Above and Beyond, Acid Sette, The Acoustics, Acousticity /Rogers-Nienhaus, Action, Adrastus, The Advents, The Advocate, Aesop and His Fables, The Aftermaths, Aff-Tones, Agent Orange, Agents, Agents Five, Airplay, Al Singer and the Carasals, Al Singer and The Chessmen, Albatross/Black Zone, Alderaan, Alice and Omar, The Aliens, All Star Frogs, All You Can Eat, Alpha, Alpha/Felix, Alvin Pivil, Amaretto, Amber, Ambrosia, American Dream, Ambush, The Ampegs, Anaconda, Anacrusis, Angelheart, Angus Tweed, Anny Laury, Antares, The Antique Rubber Band, A Piece of Mind, Apogee, Apogee (2), The Apollo Four, The Apollos, The Apostles, April Magazine, Arabesque, Arem Bay, The Arete, Arias, Ariel/Summersweet, Armor, Arrow Memphis, Ars Nova, The Arter Set, The Artesians, Arture, The Ascots, Asmodeaus, Ate Up, Athena and the Hubcaps, Austin-Kruse Band, Aviation Club, The Avantis, AX, Axe Minister, Axis/The Poets, Azgard, B Street Express, The Baccarudas, Back Jack, Backside, Backtrack, Backwater, Baden Rhode, Banastre Tarlton, Bang, The Barcelona Brass, The Barons, Barrier, Barry Ebling and the Invaders, Battery, Bayer Necessities/Jack Bayer and the Tempests, Baywolfe, Bazooka Joe, Be-Vision, The Beads, Beat Demons, The Beau Jests, The Beau Micks, Belaeraphon Expedition/Oliver’s Warlocks, Belief, The Bel-Airs, The Bel-Tones, The Benders, Benny Sharp and the Sharpies, The Bermuda Shorts, The Best Brothers, The Best Things in Life, Better Times, Big Daddy and the Playboys, Big Fun, Big Muddy, Big Shot, Big Swifty, Bill Penny and the Pacemakers, Billy Angel and the Saints, Billy Angel and his Rafter Rockers, Billy Gayles Band, Billy Peek, Birth, The Bishops, The Bitter Ends, Bittersweet, Bittersweet Blue, Black Frost, Black Magic, Black Zone/Albatross, The Blackouts, The Blind Lemons, Blitz, Bloody Williamson, Blue, Blue Berry Jam, The Blue Notes, Blue Ridge, Blue Spring, Blustone, Blustone II, Bobby and the BCJ’s, Bobby McClure and the New Blend, Bobby Noah Band, Bob Barrett Band, Bob Burns All-Star Band, Bob Regan and the Renegades, Bojangle, The Bon-Ters, The Bop-A-Lots, Bosch and Stonebraker, The Bossmen, Bottom Line, Boulder, Boulderdash, Boyfriend/The Jetts, The Boyz, Brandywine, Breakaway, Breezin’, Brian Clarke and the St Louis All Stars, The Bridge, The Brilliants, The Brogues, Broken Arrow, Broken Toyz/King of the Hill, Bronx Zoo, Brotherhood of Sound, Buffalo Bob, Bugzy and the Boys, Bullzye, Burlington Route, Burn, Burns and Bono/Russ Bono Band/Mary Burns, The Bushwacker’s, Buster Brown, Butch Wax and the Hollywoods, Cagney, Cain, Caliber, Caliente, Candy, Captain Crunch and the Crispy Critters, The Capris, Captain Jack, The Carasals, The Caravans, Carousal, The Carpetbaggers, Cartoon, Castaways, Castle Quartet, Catalist, Catalyst, The Catch, Catch 22, Cathexis, Caution, The Cautions, The Cavaliers, C C Red, Cecil Davis Revue, The Celebration, Central Blue, The Centrys, Chameleon, Champion, The Chancellors, The Chantells, The Chaperells, The Chase, Chaser, Chaser (2), Cheap Mink, The Cheshires, The Chessmen, The Chevels, Chic & Cyndi, Children, China White, The Chosen Few, The Chosen Few(2), Chrome Heart, Chrystalline Silence Band, Chuck Phony, Cindy and the Coachmen, Circus, City, C K Thunder/Thrills, The Cleaners, Clean Dirt, Cleveland, Clique, The Clique, The Clones, The Clydescope Grasse, The Coachmen, Coal Kitchen, The Cobras, Cole and the Embers, Collection, The Collectors, Communion, Comstock Lode, Connection, Conquest, The Continentals, The Continentals (2), The Contors, Contraband, Teh Cordon Bleus, Cottonmouth, Country Fever Band, Country Gold Band, The Count Downs, The Country Intrusion, The Counts, The Counts (2), The Covetones, The Cozy, C R and Gither, Teh Creations, Creed, The Creepers, The Crescendos, The Crestmen, The Crests, Crook and the 4 Thieves, Cross Circle, Crossfire, Crosswind, Cry, Crystal Vision, The Cyclones, Cynergy, Cyro Flash Cat, Dancer, The Dark Side, Dauphins, Dave Franklin and the Aliens, Dave Martin and the Illusions, The Dawntels, The Daybrakes, Daybreak/Fandango, The Deceased, December’s Children, The Deceptions, The Deer Street Band, De’ Ja’ Vu, Dejawho?, Del Rays, Del Vistas, The Delegation, Delirium, Deliverance, The Deltas, Denny and the Deltones, The Destinations, The Destinies, The Deuces Wild, The Devastators, The (Devil’s) Advocate, The Devills, Diamond Dust, Diane and the Scotsmen, Dichotomy, Teh Dimensions, Dirty Pictures, Disciple, The Disciples of Soul, The Distance, Ditty Bag Compound, Dixie, DNA, Doctor Focks, Dogebo, Dogtracks, Domino, Don and the Round-a-bouts, The Don Dino Show, Doomsday, The Downbeats, The Downsmen, Dr. Durrwachter and The Healers, Drastic Measures, Driver, DuPrees, Duya Duya, The Dyaks, The Dynamics, The Dynamics (2), Dynamic Soul Revue, Eargazm, East Vietnam, Eastern Standard Time, Easy Street, Eclipse, Edick’s Way, Effic, Egyptian Combo, El Rondo and the Jades, Elan, Elastic Cobweb, Electric Sensation, The Electric Tangerine, 11:11, Elias, Ellipsis, Elohim, Emerald City, The En Crowd, The End, The End (2), The Enforcers, The Enterprise Band, The Epics, The Epics 2, Erik Zann, Erotix, The Esquires, Eugene Neal & the Rocking Kings, Everyday People, Excalibur, Excelerators, Exodus, Teh Experiments, The Extension Chord, The Extremes, The/X-Treems, The Eyes/Pale Divine, The Facts ‘o’ Life, Fairchild, Fame, Fandango/Daybreak, Fanfare, Fantasy, Far Cryse, Farm, Fatman, Faustus, Felix/Alpha, Felix (2), Ferrari, Festival, 59th Street Bridge, Fighter, Fire and Ice, First Class Male, 1st Highway, First National Band, The Five Du-Tones, Flash Cat, Flat Iron, The Flight, The Flow, Fluid Drive, Fools Face, Footloose, Force, Forces of Evil, Foreplay, Framework, Frankie, The Frantics, Freedom, Freedom Express, Free Enterprise, Freestyle, Freeway, Fresh, Fresh Air, Fresh Bred, Friendly Stranger, Friends, Friends (2), From This Moment On, Frontrunner, Full Contact, Funktion, Fury, Fusion, Gabriel, The Galaxies, The Game, Gambler, The Gary Hall Group, The Gary Paul Group, Gayle McCormick and the Klassmen, The Gaylords, The Gems, Generation, Gene Edlen/Rush, Gene Neal’s Band, Genisys, Gentle Thunder, George Jackson’s Blues Band, Getaway, Giant, Gibraltar, Girl Talk, Globe Theater, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Goldrush, Good Feellin’, Good Intentions, The Good Things, The Grand Fuzz, The Grand Isle, Grendel, Grey Seal, Griffin, Gross National Product, Teh Group, GRX, Guild, Guise, H Bomb, H Cassidy, Half Past Two, Teh Hangmen, Happy Returns, Harlequin Unemployment Agency, Head Band, Heads Above Water, The Heaters, Heather, The Heating System, Heat Wave Blues Band, The Herman Grimes and the Spectors, The Heroes, The Hi 5’s, Highrollers, High Wire, The Hi-Liters, The Hitch-Hikers, Holy Cows, Hollywood Road, Homegrown Harvest Band, Honest John, Hooch, Hopuli, Horizon, Horsecreek, Hoss and the Lords, Hostage, Hot Ashes, Hot Ice, Hot Shot, Hot Wired, The House of Lords, Howard Jones and the Jones Boys, Hudson Bay Company, The/The What, The Hurricanes, The Husbands, The Hysterics, The Ides of March, If, Ike and Tina Turner, The Image, The Impacts The Impacts, The Impacts Soul Revue, The Impalas, The Imperials, The Imperi-Els, The Ingentaes, The Inspirations, The International Silver Screen Submarine Band, The Intimates, The Intruders, The Intruders (2), The Invaders, Isaiah, Island, Ivory Tower, Jade, Jack Bayer and the Tempests/Bayer Necessities, Ja-Da, Jagged Edge, Jaguar, James and Flames, Jasperilla, J. C. and the Apostles, J J Flak, Jake Jones, Jakes Leg, J. L.’s, The/Rock’n J. L.’s, James and the Flames, Jann Marie and Quiet Fire, Jasmine, Jay Barry Band, Jay Marino’s Magic, J. Christopher, Jericho, Jerry Jay and the Sheratons, Jester, Jester (2), The Jesters, Jet, Jetts/Boyfriend, Jettison, Jewel, The Jilts, Jim Compton and the Lancing Revue, Jim-Lyn & Co, Jimmy Dee and the Soul Seekers, Jimmy Lee and the Joint Jumpers, Joe Bozzi Band, Joe Camel and the Caucasions, Joe Malecki, Joe Pipitone and the Mystiks Revue, Joey Marshall Band/MVPY, Johnny and the Torquays, Johnny Kaye and the Runaways, Teh Joint Jumpers, Joker, The Jorrells, Just Friends, Just Mr, Justice, J W Heartbreaker, Kaleidoscope, Karma, Kartoonz, Kessel Riff, Teh Key Tones, Kick, Kicker, Kid Curious, Kid Gloves, Kidz, Killer, Killerz, King of Hearts, King of Hearts (2), King of the Hill/Broken Toyz, The Kingsdales, King’s Ransum, Kings of Soul, Kip Niven, The Klassmen, The, The Knight Beats, The Knight Riders, Kollectors, Kommotions, Ladder Back Chair, Teh Laddz, Lang and McClain, Larry Knight and the Upsetters, Last Minute, Leaky Faucets, Legacy, Legend/Xcalibre, Legend (2), Leland Shuffle, The Lemon-Lime Crusade, Leo’s Five, Lightnin’, Like Normal People, Lindell Hill, Lipstick, Little John, The Little Lost Puppy Dogs, Little Sister, The Livin’ End, The Living Ends, Lixx, Lodestar, London Calling, Looker, The Loose Ends, Lonnie Dean and the Band, Lord Chamberlain, The Louis Michael Band, Love Express, Love Inc., The Love Notes, Love Street Diary, Lucky Dog Band, The Lyte, LZ Broadway, M. D. 2020, Macks Creek, Made in the Shade, Maelstrom, Magna Crunch, The Magna-Tones, Magnum, Maiden Voyage, Mainline, Mainstream, The Majestics, Majik Dust, Teh Malibus, Mammoth, Manana, Manchild, Mandrake, Marathon, The Marauders, March Haire, March Hare, March Hare(2), Markus Kelly and the Impassions, The Mar Vels, Mason Hollow, Matrix, Matrixx, Mattfield Green, Maxx, Mayhem, McFarland Brothers, Medallion, Media, Medusa, Megalith, Mel and Tim, The Melody Brothers, Memphis Underground, The Mercenary, Merlin, Merry Go Round, Mesa, Metropolis, Mickey Finn, Mid West, Midwest 5 Star Extra, Midwest Rock Ensemble, Mike and the Majestics, Millenium, Millers Cave, The Misfits, Mississippi Red, Missouri Breaker, Mixed Breed, Mixxed Company, The Mob, Modern Image, Mods/Thickett, The Montclairs, The Monte Cristos, Monterey, The Montereys, The Mopeds, Morgantown, Morning, Morocco Junction, Mossberg Shotgun, Motherlode, Mr Wizard, The Mud Bugs, Mule, The Murge, The Music Makers, Muzzy, MVPY/Joey Marshall Band, The Mysterians, The Mysterious Explosions, Nassty, Nasty Habits, NCP, Network, Network (2), The New Dimensions, The New Dinosaurs of Rome, New Frontier, Newcastle Brown, The Newports, Newsboys, The New Powerhouse, Nick Nixon, Nickels, Nighthawk, Night Beats, Night Life, The Nightmares, Night Moves, Night Owls, Night Riders, Night Train, Nightwind, NBC (Nobody Cares Orchestra), No Exit, The Nomads, The Novas, N R G, N-Sync, Nu Breede Band, The Nukes, The Nu Tories, Oasis, Oblio, Ocean, Odessey, Odyssey, Offshore Movement, Oliver Sain, Oliver’s Warlocks/Belaeraphon Expedition, One Eyed Jacks, Orange, Orange (2), Orange Insult, Oryis, Othello, The Other Side, The Outlaws, Ozone, The Pacemakers, Palace, Pale Divine/The Eyes, Pals, Panama, The Panics, Papa’s Will, Patch, Paramounts Revue, Paris, Parchment Farm, Passenger, Patti and the X L’S, Patty McCoy and the Renegades, Pax, Pegasus, People, Pepper Alley, Peppermint Bullfrog, Peppermint Pigg, Pepsi Tones, The Pete James Combo, The Phantoms, Phazer, Phil Driscoll and Yurmama, Philthy McNasty, Phoenix, Physical Action, Pilot, The Playboys, Play Mates, Plunge, Plush, Pluto, PM, The Poets/Axis, The Poor Boys, The Pound Sterlings, Powerhouse, Powerplay, The Preludes, The Premiers, The Primatives, Prince Knight’s Old Fashioned Rock and Roll Boogie Band, Prism, Private Sector, The Profiles, Progress, Project 3, The Psychics, The Psychics (2), Puppet, Purple Essence, Purple Fungus, Purple Martin, The Quarter Notes, The Quarter Tones, Quest, Quiet Fire, Quintessence, Quintillion, R & R Crossing, Rabbit with a Habbit, The Rafter Rockers, Rags 2 Riches, Rainbow, The Raindrops, Ralph Butler, The Random Trolls, Rapid Transit, Rare Breed, The Ravelles, Raven, Razz, The Readings, The Reandos, The Reason, The Reasons Why, Rebound Book, Red Dog Sasafrass, Red Horse, The Redcoats, Redline, Reeb Toors/Younger Brothers, The Reflections, The Regeants, The Regents, The Relation, The Remaindrz, The Rendezvous, The Resistance, The Revells, The Revolutions, Rhonnie and the Boyz, Rhythm Kings, Rhythm Rockers, Richie Callison, Riff Raff, Rising Sons, Rituals, The Rivieras, Road Expense, Rock-a-Fellas, Rock-It, Rocket Blues Band, Rockets, Rock N’ Horse, Rock n J. L.’s, The/ J. L.’s, Rock Road Band, Rockin Robin, The Rockouts, Roger That, Rogue, Roku, Rold Gold, Rolling Thunder Band, Romeo, Ron Furr, Rondo’s Blues Deluxe, Ronnie and the Down Beats, Ronnie Fiegel and The Pastel Keys, Rose and the Romantics, The Rotterdam Revolving Door Co., The Royal Tones, Rude Pets, The Rumor, The Run Aways, Runaway, Rush-Gene Edlen, Russell Street Express, Sable, Salt and Pepper, Sammy and the Snow Monkeys, The Sandpipers, Sapphire, Saratoga, Sassy, Saturn Cats, Satyre, Sauce, Sawbuck, Scanners, Scarlett McCaw, Sceptre, Sceptre (2), Schwag, Scooter, Scooters, Scooters (2), Scott-Thomas Band Seadawg, Seadog, Second Wind, Self Control, The Senators, The Sensations, Serapis, Serra Lee, Seven, Seven AM, Sgt. Carter/Sgt. Karter, Sh-Boom, The Shadows, Shadows Soul Revue, Shaker, Sheiks, The Shillings, Shotgun, Shotgun Express, Show Biz Kidz, The Silhouettes, Silver Leaf, Simply Us, Singapores, Sir Robert and the Redcoats, Siren, Skid Ripple, Sky High, Sky High (2), Sky King, Slander, Slyder, Sneaky Pete, The Sociables, Social Offense, The Solution, Somebody’s Sons, Sommerville/Scorfina Band, The Sonics, S. O. R. (School of Rhythm), Sorcery, The Soul Brothers, Soul Seven, Soulard Blues Band, The Soultown Revue, Sound Investment, The Sounds of Silence, Sparks, Spatz All-Star Band, The Spectres, Spectrum, Spirit of St. Louis, Spirit of St. Louis 2, Split Second, Spoon River (Band), Spur/Unknown, St. Louis All Stars, St. Louis Hounds, Stanley Steamer, Starfires, The Starlighters, Starr, Starr CO., Stash, The Statics, Steppe Beyond, Steppin’ Out, Sterling Silver, Stonebraker, Stonehaven, Stone Mountain Band, Stonewheel, Stonewood, The Stranded Lads, The Strangers, Street Dog, Streetcorner Symphony, Streetkar, Streetside, Stryker, The Studebakers, Suave Octopus, Suite 116, Summersweet/Ariel, Sunrise, Sunshine Factory, Sunz, Supercox/Super Cocks, Suspension, Suspension Bridge, Susquehannah, Sway, Sweetleaf, Sweet Potato, Sweet Revival, Sweet Young Things, Sweet Young Things (2), The Swinging Hearts, Switch, The Symbols, The Syndicate of Soul, The System, Take That, Tales, Tamarak, Tattoo, Taxi, T D’s Coachmen, The Techniques, The Teen Beats, The Tempests, Terminal Row, Terry Thompson, The Terry Toon Band, Thickett/Mods, Third Degree, 3rd Rock Masters, Third Street, Those Guys, 3 For the Road, Thrills/C K Thunder, Thrust, Thunder Road, Tiara, Time Machine, Timepiece, Titan, Titus Mother, T K O, Top Cat and the Kittens, Topaz, The Tories, The Torquays, Touch, Toy Romeo, TR-4’s, Tracer, Traffic Jam, The Travelers, Travelin’ Band, Trikshot, The Tripps, Tropix, Troupe, Truth, The Tunes, Turn of the Century, 2PLUS1, The Ultrasonics, The Ultrasonic Revolution, Uncle John’s Band, The Undecided, The Undertakers, The Universals, Unknowns/Spur, Urge (2), U S A, Vantage, The Vapors, The Varmints, Velvet Hammer, Vince Arter and the High 5’s, Vision, Vision, Voyager, Walnut Park Athletic Club, Walter Scott, Walter Scott and the Guise, The Watergate Rock, We The People, Weekend Freedom Machine, Welcome, Westwood, The What/Hudson Bay Company, Wheet Stone, The Whirlaway Twisters, White Star Line, Whitewater, Whiz Bangee, Wild Child, Wild Childs, Willow Creek, Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Nod, Winston Rose, Winthrop, WKFM, Woodrose, Wyle E., Xcalibre/Legend, The XL’s, X-Treems, The/Extremes, Younger Brothers/Reeb Toors, The Z Band, Zane Grey, Zazz, Ze-Bop, Zebulon Pike, Zero Discipline, and Zoned



Eric Brightwell is an adventurer, writer, rambler, explorer, cartographer, and guerrilla gardener who is always seeking writing, speaking, traveling, and art opportunities — or salaried work. He is not interested in writing advertorials, clickbait, listicles, or other 21st century variations of spam. Brightwell’s written work has appeared in AmoeblogdiaCRITICS, and KCET Departures. His work has been featured by the American Institute of Architects, the Architecture & Design Museum, the Craft & Folk Art MuseumForm Follows FunctionLos Angeles County StoreSkid Row Housing Trust, and 1650 Gallery. Brightwell has been featured in the Los Angeles TimesHuffington PostLos Angeles MagazineLAistEastsider LABoing BoingLos Angeles, I’m Yours, and on Notebook on Cities and Culture. He has been a guest speaker on KCRW‘s Which Way, LA? and at Emerson College. Art prints of his maps are available from 1650 Gallery and on other products from Cal31. He is currently writing a book about Los Angeles and you can follow him on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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