Thiên Hương (aka “Tiny Yong”)

Thiên Hương -- better known as "Tiny Yong" is a French singer associated with the yé-yé scene of the 1950s and '60s. In fact, she was a pioneer on the scene, releasing yé-yé music before notable singers like France Gall and Jacqueline Taïeb. She was born Tôn Nữ Thị Thiên Hương on 8 February 1944 … Continue reading Thiên Hương (aka “Tiny Yong”)

Elli et Jacno… et Lio — Les electro-ye-yes

Denis Quillard (born in 1957) came from an eccentric but distinguished family in Champagne. A chainsmoking fan of Gauloises, he was known to some as "Jacno," after Marcel Jacno, the illustrator who designed the cigarette manufacturer's logo. Jacno had learned to play flute at a religious school in Margency, Notre-Dame-de-Bury. As a child his musical … Continue reading Elli et Jacno… et Lio — Les electro-ye-yes