Flossin’ Season – Leprechaun Movies, Music, &c

Everyone knows a couple of things about leprechauns (aka lurachmain, lurican, leprechawn, lepracaun, leprechaun, lubberkin and lurgadhan). They’re small, tricky gingers that, if caught, will show you the money. One theory about the word’s origin is that it comes from luacharma'n (or luchorpán), the Irish word for “pygmy.” Another theory is that the word is … Continue reading Flossin’ Season – Leprechaun Movies, Music, &c

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Bishops Move St. Patrick's Day 2008 Over Conflict With Holy Week "Religious celebrations for St. Patrick's Day will come two days early in Ireland next year to avoid a conflict with Holy Week. St. Patrick's Day is usually celebrated March 17, but Ireland's bishops have shifted the feast day, in honor of the national … Continue reading Happy St. Patrick’s Day