Angeleno Stories — Mountain Lion Man

Hello readers, a few weeks ago filmmaker Anna Dale posted the first episode of something we're calling Angeleno Stories. I posted it on several social media platforms but it didn't dawn on me until a couple of days ago that I should probably post it here, on my website. So here it is! "Intrepid cougar … Continue reading Angeleno Stories — Mountain Lion Man

Mist & Iron — Climbing Mount San Antonio

INTRODUCTION “You look like you got a bit of sun,” an acquaintance told me, last winter, having noticed that my face was bright red. I explained that I'd just hiked up Mount San Antonio and had, as I often do, forgotten to apply sunblock. His only response was a blank stare. Realizing that more people know … Continue reading Mist & Iron — Climbing Mount San Antonio

There It Is, Revitalize It — The San Gabriel River

The San Gabriel River is one of three major rivers which drains and flows through the Los Angeles Basin. The river drains a watershed of roughly 1,850 square kilometers and is bounded by the watersheds of the Los Angeles River to the west and the Santa Ana River watershed to the southeast. For most of … Continue reading There It Is, Revitalize It — The San Gabriel River