Parkway Pumpin – Be Pumpin’ Hits Like its Motown

Although many independent labels appeared in the wake of New Orleans's 1991 bounce explosion, Parkway Pumpin' was one of the first. It was also one of the most influential stables of talent, although the limited finances of KLC (the man behindĀ the boards) resulted in precious few recordings. When Master P relocated No Limit from Richmond, … Continue reading Parkway Pumpin – Be Pumpin’ Hits Like its Motown

Big Boy Records

For several years in the '90s, before Master P moved to New Orleans and gobbled up most of the talentĀ of the legendary Parkway Pumpin, Big Boy Records was one of the main creative and commercial rivals to uptown's fledgling Cash Money. Over the course of the next few years, they released some of New Orleans' … Continue reading Big Boy Records