Top 100 Los Angeles Attractions (not in Central Los Angeles or the Westside)

If you’re familiar at all with local Los Angeles clickbait generators and news aggregators you may’ve noticed that whether they’re promoting the hottest restaurants for “celeb” sightings, the hottest restaurants for “celeb” chefs, game changing brunch spots, or juiceries one has to visit before (never after) one dies, they all have one thing in common … Continue reading Top 100 Los Angeles Attractions (not in Central Los Angeles or the Westside)

Mother’s Day Movies

Mary Cassatt's After the Bath (circa 1901) The American Mother's Day was invented by Anna Jarvis in 1905, when her own mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, died. Her mother's death proved the inspiration for a holiday and by 1908 others joined her in this macabre celebration.After five years of dedication to her obsession, Mother's Day was … Continue reading Mother’s Day Movies

A San Fernando Valley Playist

So the bad news is that I missed out on CicLAvia — The Valley. Cream Soda (my bicycle) was in the shop (nothing serious) and I was dog-sitting on the Eastside. I thought about bringing and walking the dog there but they’re not allowed on Metro buses or trains and there were further complications too that I … Continue reading A San Fernando Valley Playist

9 songs about cats

Although LOLCat Bible literalists believe differently, people of science generally hold the view that cats first domesticated humans at least as early as 7500 BCE, when the inhabitants of a neolithic village on Cyprus gave a feline (not native to the island) a ceremonial burial. What we know call the domestic cat was more truly feral when it … Continue reading 9 songs about cats

Celluloid Heroines – Fearless Filmmaking Females

    Every female director who's been nominated for an Oscar for direction: Katherine Bigelow, Lina Wertmüller, Jane Campion, and Sofia Coppola On 31 January, The Guardian published an article titled “Why are there so few female filmmakers?” Less than a month later, Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman to win the director’s prize at the 62nd Directors' Guild … Continue reading Celluloid Heroines – Fearless Filmmaking Females

Happy Valentine’s Day

  It's Valentines Day. Pshaw! A Hallmark Holiday, you say. Singles Awareness Day, another jokes. I guess every holiday has its Scrooge. I have my Ngoc-Thu. My friend Nick Pinto would gripe about Valentine's, Christmas or (especially) 4/20. He doesn't need holidays to legislate his behavior. And yet his love of Halloween never once carried … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day