Foods Invented in Los Angeles

What you are about to read could probably be considered, if you're uncharitable, a "listicle." "But wait," you say, "you hate listicles!" You are correct, and yet here I am, offering you the lowest form of clickbait -- the sort of trash one expects to read in respectable, click-driven mainstream media outlets, not this fair … Continue reading Foods Invented in Los Angeles

The Full Californian Breakfast — a California Fry-Up

I love breakfast. It's easily my favorite meal of the day (followed by second breakfast, elevenses, and supfast). When I die, if anyone wishes for whatever reason to celebrate my life, please do so with a "Brightwell Breakfast." Robert Burns gets his supper, after all, and surely if anyone deserves the sobriquet "ploughman blogger," it is … Continue reading The Full Californian Breakfast — a California Fry-Up