Los Angeles’s Neighborhood Councils

In 1999, the City of Los Angeles established DONE (which stands for the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment -- municipal types love an acronym). DONE, in turn, established the neighborhood council system "to promote more citizen participation in government and thus, ideally, make government more responsive to local needs." This year I'm running in the Silver … Continue reading Los Angeles’s Neighborhood Councils

3 March 2020 Los Angeles County Election Endorsements

Hello Angelenos! Are you generally happy with the direction Los Angeles is going? Do you like the thrill of living paycheck-to-paycheck, juggling part-time work with side gig hustles, and watching rent climb faster than your wages? Are you content with the growing number of unhoused Angelenos and the criminalization of poverty? Are you pleased by … Continue reading 3 March 2020 Los Angeles County Election Endorsements