Vegetarian and Vegan Los Angeles

As far as I know, there haven't been any comprehensive surveys of global vegetarianism and veganism. Nevertheless, it is generally accepted that India is home to the largest population and percentage of vegetarians in the world, followed by Taiwan or Israel. Vegetarianism is also popular in Austria, Australia, Brazil, and Germany. The US is not an especially vegetarian … Continue reading Vegetarian and Vegan Los Angeles

Los Angeles Webography

Amongst the many resources available pertaining to Los Angeles are websites, blogs, podcasts, and other online-only resources. I read many of them regularly, some too much, and almost all of them occasionally. For my own use and for the use of others (especially explorers and adventurers) I've here compiled what I hope is as conclusive a … Continue reading Los Angeles Webography

California Fool’s Gold — Exploring Happy Valley

There are at least four places in California named Happy Valley. This blog entry is about the small neighborhood on Los Angeles’s Eastside.  The first time I became aware of a place in Los Angeles called Happy Valley was after glancing at an online map. I ascertained that it was apparently located somewhere in the … Continue reading California Fool’s Gold — Exploring Happy Valley