Unrecognized South Asia: An introduction to the Tripuri people

India is home to over 1.21 billion people, roughly 18% of entire human population. Indians speakAustroasiatic, Dravidian, Indo-European, and Tibeto-Burman languages (as well as two language isolates) and there are over 2,000 ethnic groups in the vast country. India's considerable diversity, however, tends to be simplified or overlooked in the west, where Hindi language Bollywood … Continue reading Unrecognized South Asia: An introduction to the Tripuri people

Greenland –> Naalakkersuisut – and Inuit cinema and music

Though Greenland has been home-ruled since 1979, on 21 June 2009, the Danish government made steps toward granting Greenland full independence. In a 2008 referendum, 76% of the 58,000 residents of the sparsely populated island voted for self-rule and the Danish government has been handing over control of services to the local government and making symbolic … Continue reading Greenland –> Naalakkersuisut – and Inuit cinema and music

Unrecognized Caucasia and neighboring regions

The current situation in the Caucasus prompted one of the loyal blog readers to request that I post about the confusing region and shed a little light. If you blog readers have any requests for blog topics, I always welcome them. ****** (If interested, there are similar entries about Eastern Europe, North Asia and South … Continue reading Unrecognized Caucasia and neighboring regions

Unrecognized Nations: North Asia

While trying to beat the heat, I often think of what far-off cold places I'd like to go before the world turns to desert. North Asia is high on my list for sheer obscurity. Even the designation "North Asia" sounds like something that never gets said. I think that my first awareness of North Asia … Continue reading Unrecognized Nations: North Asia