Obscure & Unrecognized Republics of Eastern Europe

  So as not to offend anyone, films set in Eastern Europe commonly take place in imaginary countries like Trouble for Two's Karovia, The Terminal's Krakozhia or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's Vulgaria. In reality, there are several little-known, obscure republics which enjoy various amounts of autonomy that would fit the bill. As portions of their citizenry actively campaign for … Continue reading Obscure & Unrecognized Republics of Eastern Europe

Unrecognized Caucasia and neighboring regions

The current situation in the Caucasus prompted one of the loyal blog readers to request that I post about the confusing region and shed a little light. If you blog readers have any requests for blog topics, I always welcome them. ****** (If interested, there are similar entries about Eastern Europe, North Asia and South … Continue reading Unrecognized Caucasia and neighboring regions