The Cooper Do-nuts Uprising

May 1959: Seven years before Silver Lake's Black Cat Riot and ten before New York's Stonewall riots, a group of drag queens and hustlers clashed with LAPD officers at a location of the local Cooper Do-nuts (also known as Cooper's Donut Depot, Cooper's Doughnuts or Cooper's Donuts) chain, usually considered to be the first gay uprising in modern history.   … Continue reading The Cooper Do-nuts Uprising

California Fool’s Gold — A Downtown Los Angeles Primer

BEAT CITY DOWNTOWN  As regular (and probably irregular) readers of Eric's Blog know, I'm a bit of a Southern California wonk and a big part of my focus is writing about the culture, character and history of the many diverse communities of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Although so far there have been around 800 votes … Continue reading California Fool’s Gold — A Downtown Los Angeles Primer