Happy Day of the Doors, Los Angeles

I love the Doors. I think I really got into them when I was fourteen. Around that time I developed a love for pretty much any rock band with lots of keyboards (eg ? & the Mysterians, The Animals, The Seeds, and The Zombies -- and a few years later, Inspiral Carpets and The Charlatans). … Continue reading Happy Day of the Doors, Los Angeles

Brightwell’s Top 10: 1968

The following entry originally appeared on the Amoeblog In 1857, Frenchman Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville patented his invention for recording sound, the phonautograph. Twenty years later, in 1877, someone first realized that his phonautograms could also play back recorded music. It was the same year, coincidentally, that Thomas Edison patented the phonograph and thus the age of recorded music began. In 2015, former Amoebite Matthew … Continue reading Brightwell’s Top 10: 1968