One album wonders: John’s Children’s Orgasm

[A version of this article originally appeared at the Amoeblog] JOHN'S CHILDREN - ORGASM (recorded 1967, released 1971) Today the band John's Children, when remembered at all, are best remembered for two things: one, for having briefly included within their ranks a pre-T. Rex Marc Bolan and two, for their calculatedly outrageousness and provocative live performances. Both overshadow the fact … Continue reading One album wonders: John’s Children’s Orgasm

Pseu Pseu Pseudio – Pseudonymous Musical One-Offs

In thinking about and working on a post covering one-album-wonders, I was reminded of a few single releases that were pseudonymously attributed to otherwise non-existent performers. Of course many musicians release music under stage names and a list of their releases would include the entire catalogs of  everyone from David Bowie, to Elton John, to … Continue reading Pseu Pseu Pseudio – Pseudonymous Musical One-Offs

Glam & Glitter Christmas

  I'm not sure what it is about Glam Rock and Christmas but I've always appreciated how many contributions to the Christmas song canon have big drums, fuzzy sax and '50s via the '70s Yuletide vibes.   My vote for the best Glam Rock Christmas song goes, hands down, to Slade with their never-tiresome-no-matter-how-many-times-you-hear-it classic, … Continue reading Glam & Glitter Christmas