California Fool’s Gold — Exploring Garden Grove, The City of Youth and Ambition

This Southern CA-area episode is about Garden Grove, which I journeyed to with Garden Grove native Tita Ortega. Pendersleigh & Sons' Official Map of Orange County Garden Grove is is located in North Orange County. In fact, it was whilst living in Garden Grove in 1888 thatR.Q. Wickham launched the political movement that would lead … Continue reading California Fool’s Gold — Exploring Garden Grove, The City of Youth and Ambition


The Vietnamese New Wave Revival

Last November, Keep on Music threw a New Wave + ‘80s Reunion at Bleu in Westminster. This isn’t new wave in the sense that a lot of people use the term, but rather a mix of Italo, Euro disco and other ‘80s dance music that notably found considerable popularity with Asian-Americans in the 1980s but is pretty much unknown by … Continue reading The Vietnamese New Wave Revival

Vietnamese New Wave Revisited

Due to popular response, here's a follow-up to my initial blog on Vietnamese New Wave. For those of you who may not have read it, Vietnamese New Wave (less often called Asian New Wave) is not Vietnamese music. Think Northern Soul, a British genre of music that didn't come from British artists, but were beloved … Continue reading Vietnamese New Wave Revisited

Vietnamese New Wave — German Euro-disco

Vietnamese New Wave Are any of my readers out there Vietnamese? I was turned on to this amazing genre by "the Jewel of La Puente," the one and only (OK, one of thousands but still one of a kind) Ngoc Nuyen. I have asked the experts here at Amoeba Hollywood about "Vietnamese New Wave" (also referred … Continue reading Vietnamese New Wave — German Euro-disco