No Enclave — Iranian Los Angeles

INTRODUCTION Nowruz took place last week on a blustery Sunday. Nowruz is the New Year of Zoroastrians and in Iran as well as much of Central and West Asia. It's often, in fact, referred to as Persian New Year. A bit ago, someone bemoaned that I hadn't written a No Enclave about Iranians or Persians. … Continue reading No Enclave — Iranian Los Angeles

Happy Nowruz!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!   Today, for most observers (but tomorrow for others), is Persian New Year, variously and roughly Anglicized as Navrus (Tajikistan), Nawroz (Afghanistan), Nevruz Day (Albania), Nooruz (Iran), Nov Ruz Bairam (Kyrgyzstan), Nauryz Meyrami (Kazakhstan) and Novruz Bayram (Azerbaijan). As with the Lunar New Year, which is often referred to in the media as … Continue reading Happy Nowruz!