No Enclave — Australian Los Angeles

Today was Australia Day from 1915 til 1935 (when it was moved to 26 January) and Los Angeles is home to far more Australians than any other American city. According to the Australian Consulate-General, there are about 44,000 Australians living in Metro Los Angeles -- more than twice as many as live in second-place New … Continue reading No Enclave — Australian Los Angeles

The Triffids

NOTE: Around 2009, I wrote a bunch of music biographies for Amoeba Music, which was then planning an ambitious project which ultimately never came to fruition. Some of the biographies I wrote about my favorite musical acts did eventually make their way onto Amoeba’s current, scaled back website — although they’re somewhat buried and often … Continue reading The Triffids

David McComb and The Triffids

The late David Richard McComb, best known as lead singer and songwriter in The Triffids, was born 54 years ago today on 17 February 1962. His parents were plastic surgeon Harold McComb and geneticist Athel Hockey. The couple had five boys and lived in an historic home, The Cliffe, in the affluent Peppermint Grove suburb of Perth, Australia. David McComb … Continue reading David McComb and The Triffids

Out of Africa – Austro-Melanesian History, Culture and Music

Once upon a time, one or two hundred thousand years ago or so, anatomically human beings appeared on the scene in Africa. About 60,000 years ago, there may have been as many as 5,000 people living on the planet. A number, possibly around 150, decided to cross the Red Sea... following the lead of their … Continue reading Out of Africa – Austro-Melanesian History, Culture and Music

Happy Australia Day

   The Flag of Australia, the Australian Aboriginal Flag, and the Flag of Torres Strait Islanders Australia was discovered about 45,000 years ago when they either walked or made short sea-crossings from Papua to the north in what is now the Torres Strait. In Australia they grew into diverse cultures with around 250 languages spoken by … Continue reading Happy Australia Day