One Album Wonders: Sonic Boom’s Spectrum

The following entry originally appeared on the Amoeblog For this edition of One Album Wonders we take a listen to Sonic Boom, who released one album, Spectrum, in 1989. Sonic Boom is Peter Kember, an English musician born in Rugby in 1965. In 1982, whilst at Rugby Art College, he co-founded The Spacemen (later Spacemen 3) with Jason Pierce. After releasing … Continue reading One Album Wonders: Sonic Boom’s Spectrum

Delia Derbyshire – electronic music pioneer

A writer at The Guardian once described Delia Derbyshire as “The unsung heroine of British electronic music,” seemingly implying that there are other heroines of British electronic music that are more widely… sung. I suppose there is Daphne Oram but the English never use less than three adjectives when one will suffice, so let’s just … Continue reading Delia Derbyshire – electronic music pioneer