No Enclave — Hongkonger Los Angeles

 INTRODUCTION Hong Kong has long been one of those globally prominent places up there with London, Paris, Rome, and Tokyo — and yet surprisingly little has been written about the Hongkonger diaspora. There’s next-to-nothing specifically about Hong Kong emigration to Los Angeles — despite the fact that nearly as many Hongkongers live in the US … Continue reading No Enclave — Hongkonger Los Angeles

Pan-Asian Metropolis — 193 Asian and Pacific Angeleno Artists

It’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and so I thought it might be nice to shine a spotlight on some of Metro Los Angeles‘s many Asian American artists, the subject of this week’s post. It was a bit of an undertaking for many reasons. There are and have been many Asian American artists who’ve at … Continue reading Pan-Asian Metropolis — 193 Asian and Pacific Angeleno Artists

No Enclave — Kazakh Los Angeles

This week’s post is about Kazakh Los Angeles. Since it is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the primary focus is on ethnically Kazakh Angelenos. However, as Kazakhstan is a multi-ethnic society, a few “white” Angelenos with roots in Kazakstan are included too. INTRODUCTION I first became aware of Kazakhstan (Қазақстан) as a child when I … Continue reading No Enclave — Kazakh Los Angeles

The Stylers

INTRODUCTION For fans of a particular era of Chinese-language pop-rock, in particular the excellent Singaporean pop-rock of the 1960s and ’70s, there’s one name one finds written on records by many of the era’s greatest artists — The Stylers. They backed many of the Singapore’s leading lights including Lena Lim, Lisa Wong, and Yao Su … Continue reading The Stylers

Nobody Drives in LA — Historic Los Angeles Transit Rail

I know that it’s not the case — but even the most recently transplanted Angeleno should know that Los Angeles was built around railroads. The first steam train appeared in Los Angeles in 1869, nineteen years after the city was incorporated. The first horsecar showed up in 1874. The first trolley began operation in 1885. … Continue reading Nobody Drives in LA — Historic Los Angeles Transit Rail